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CGA Level 2 Year End Gala

10 March 2019, Ellis Park

This gala is run over two Sessions. There is a short lunch break on the day. The exact time for the lunch break, and start time of the second session are not known.

The closing date for entries to this gala is Wednesday 6 March 2019.

Age Groups:- 10 & Under, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15-16.
Medals will be awarded to the top 3 places in each event and age group!

Fill in your name and email address, select your events, and click the 'Enter Me' button - it's that easy!

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    Sunday 10 March 2019
    Start 08:30, Warm up at 07:30
    1. Women 50m Backstroke
    2. Men 50m Backstroke
    3. Women 100m Freestyle
    4. Men 100m Freestyle
    5. Women 50m Butterfly
    6. Men 50m Butterfly
    7. Women 100m Breaststroke
    8. Men 100m Breaststroke
    9. Women 12-16 200m Backstroke
    10. Men 12-16 200m Backstroke
    11. Women 200m IM
    12. Men 200m IM

    Lunch Break - exact time is not known.

    15. Women 50m Freestyle
    16. Men 50m Freestyle
    17. Women 100m Backstroke
    18. Men 100m Backstroke
    19. Women 12-16 200m Freestyle
    20. Men 12-16 200m Freestyle
    21. Women 50m Breaststroke
    22. Men 50m Breaststroke
    23. Women 12-16 100m Butterfly
    24. Men 12-16 100m Butterfly
    25. Women 12-16 200m Breaststroke
    26. Men 12-16 200m Breaststroke

    My Parent is Able / Not Able to Officiate (timekeep, judge, etc.) at this gala.
    My Parent would like to assist with:-
    Their preferred Session is:
    First Session
    Second Session

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