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SSA Level 2 Regional Championships

27-29 March, Potchefstroom


Download the rules and Qualifying Times for this gala here.

Download the LOC Welcome Letter for The Potch Level 2 here. This letter includes details of the pool we're swimming, etc. - so please read it.

The venue was changed for this gala from Rustenberg to Potchefstroom - read why here.

Download a letter from CGA for your school so you can be excused for Regional Championships here.

In a nutshell - Level 2 is for swimmers 10 years and older.
You need to 1 IM time (200m or 400m) on the database from this season to enter, as well as at least 1 Level 2 time.
Swimmers with 1 or more Level 3 times must swim at Level 3, unless they are 10, in which case they swim at level 2.
You enter any event you have a Level 2 time for, plus 3 additional events (100m or longer), plus any 50m events you want to swim that you have a time for from this season.
Your 3 additional events and the 50's do not need to be Level 2 times.

Closing Date for Entries - 6 March 2020.

HEATS - Start Times to be confirmed by the meet host at this stage, probably 08:00.
FINALS - Start Times to be confirmed by the meet host.

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    Day 1 : Friday 27 March, 2020
    101. Men 50m Breaststroke
    102. Women 50m Breaststroke
    103. Men 100 Freestyle
    104. Women 100 Freestyle
    105. Men 50m Backstroke
    106. Women 50m Backstroke
    107. Men 200m IM
    108. Women 200m IM

    Day 2 : Saturday 28 March, 2020
    201. Men 200m Freestyle
    202. Women 200m Freestyle
    203. Men 100m Backstroke
    204. Women 100m Backstroke
    205. Men 50m Butterfly
    206. Women 50m Butterfly
    207. Men 100m Breaststroke
    208. Women 100m Breaststroke

    Day 3 : Sunday 29 March, 2020
    301. Men 200m Backstroke
    302. Women 200m Backstroke
    303. Men 200m Breaststroke
    304. Women 200m Breaststroke
    305. Men 100m Butterfly
    306. Women 100m Butterfly
    307. Men 50m Freestyle
    308. Women 50m Freestyle

    My Parent is Able / Not Able to Officiate (timekeep, judge, etc.) at this gala.
    Their preferred Session is:
    Friday 27 March, Heats
    Friday 27 March, Finals
    Saturday 28 March, Heats
    Saturday 28 March, Finals
    Sunday 29 March, Heats
    Sunday 29 March, Finals

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