Squad Training

Swimming Squads cater for the competitive swimmer - whether the swimmer is a school, club, provincial or national swimmer. Squads are organised by ability, and are very goal directed.

South African swimming is divided into three Age-Group Levels (levels 1-3), the SA Youth Nationals standard and the SA Senior Nationals standard. All beginner swimmers compete in Level 1. Progression to Levels 2 and 3 is dependent on the swimmer achieving a qualifying time standard as set by Swimming South Africa.

Squad Training

Children enter the competitive squad training programme around the age of 9. The first Age Group at SA Level 1 Championships is 10 & Under. Competitive squad swimmers train more regularly than school swimmers, and compete once a month at the Provincial Age Group Gala.

Squad Training starts at a one hour pool session at least three times per week at beginner Age group Level; and progresses to a six day per week training programme, involving two training sessions per day on most days of the week at the Level 3, Youth and Senior Nationals levels.

Competitive swimming is simply a fantastic sport and if you want to join a training squad you'll need to bring your commitment to work hard, your talent for swimming and your patience to persevere through the long and at times ardous training regeime of the competitive swimmer.

If you'd like to know more about the Squad Training programme, the facilities available, or speak to a swimming coach about your child's swimming - please send us a message.


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