Stroke Development

The Stroke Development programme is the next logical step after learning to swim. Learn-to-Swim develops the basic skills necessary to stay afloat and get yourself out of harms way. Stroke Development takes these basic skills and refines them to develop competent competitive swimming strokes.

Starting at age 6 or 7 the young swimmer is moved from the 'small' warm Learn-to-Swim pool to a 25m lap pool. They begin to get used to the length of the pool (the same as a normal school pool) and begin to learn how to train and learn in groups. This is consistent with their social development where they find themselves in school, also learning in groups.

Perfect your swim technique

Sessions last anythng from 30min to a full hour, depending on the age, skill and fitness level of the swimmer. Swimmers are enouraged to develop at their own pace, to make swimming more fun - but the beginnings of competitive swimming are introduced to swimmers at this stage to get them prepared for the summer school swimming season.

Stroke Development is extremely important for young swimmers, and between the ages of 6 and 13 keeping up a consistent swimming programme will ensure the youngster competes for their school, competes for their Club and goes on to compete for their Province and maybe even for their Nation.

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